• Martin_Edlund-5395.jpg

    Student Speaker:

    Martin Edlund
    SIRI: Personal Healthcare for People with COPD

  • Youngjun Byun

    Student Speaker:

    Young Jun Byun
    Volvo Eco-Identity 2025

  • Son_Wan-Ryeol

    Student Speaker:

    Wan-Ryeol Son
    BMW Eco-City Roadster for 2030

Let us inspire you.

UID'11 was an event aimed at inspiring our professional audience. It combined keynotes, presentations from our graduating students, portfolio reviews, discussions and our degree exhibition.

The varying themes of this year's degree work covered areas from traffic safety, concept for realtime translation in multiple languages, family album of sound memories, ergonomic sitting device for tattoo artist, and an interactive learning platform. Most of the projects were carried out together with a collaborating partner, Nokia, Microsoft US, Komatsu Forest, Husqvarna, Atlas Copco, BMW, and Volvo, among others. Among the 43 graduating students there are around 20 nationalities, and several of the students have already been awarded for some of their previous concepts.

For more information about this year's projects or the event, please navigate through the menu at the top of the page.