Paving the Megacity
On-site observationsFeedback from road workersFeedback from machine operators and maintenance personnelFeedback from Dynapac engineers and managers in GermanyIdentifying touch-points in the current process of road pavingcreating the product character in collaboration with Atlas Copco design teamBuilding a mock-up to understand the dimensions and proportions of the machine Validating the feasibility of the concept Feedback from Roger Lundberg, manager of NCC Roads SEProjected and screen based graphics guide drivers safely across the machinePreserving and developing the Dynapac design languageWatch this on Vimeo!Watch this on Vimeo!Watch this on Vimeo!


Today’s road paving machines still operate using the same basic principles developed in the 1940’s.
Since only one type of paver exists today, road maintenance has to be done using machines which were originally constructed for paving new road surfaces.
This has caused makes road maintenance to develop into a complex and energy-intensive process. It requires multiple machines and creates a severe interference of the traffic in the city every time that street maintenance has to be performed.

Inspiration and Method

The project was developed in close collaboration with Dynapac, a leading manufacturer of road paving equipment, and with feedback from NCC Roads, the Scandinavian road construction association.
Work process included on-site observations, mockups and interviews of road engineers, road workers, operators and manufacturers of paving machines in Sweden and Germany.


Dynapac Red Carpet is an alternative street paving concept that utilizes an existing process called Hot-In-Place Recycling.
The machine heats the existing road surface using microwaves. The reclaimed asphalt is then lifted into the machine, mixed with a small amount of fresh binder and paved back onto the road while enabling traffic to continue flowing.
The concept aims to create a futuristic vision for the road paving industry.