Specimen Sample Transportation in Lesotho
Sample Transport Rider at a Health ClinicST riders + Trainers of RFHInterview with stakeholders from nurses to Lesotho's Director of Laboratory Shadowing Sample Transporter @ a health clinic Designing together with an user during interviewHackaway Creative Workshop ParticipantsRethinking Sample Transportation SystemPrototyping the internal layoutExploring the outer skinWearing New Sample Transportation BackpackSimple details such as central handle for comfort and balance.Personalized Number representing Rider's Soccer uniform number for personal attachement Ability to carry the essentialsFlexible shelf dimensions to adapt to situationsEmergency expanding compartment for unexpected number samplesWatch this on Vimeo!Watch this on Vimeo!


Sample Transport Riders in Lesotho delivers up to 2000 blood and sputum samples per week as well as the results by riding on motorcycles for HIV and TB diagnosis and monitoring for patients.

They have critical role in medical eco system of Lesotho thus riding 4-5days per week whether snowing or raining as long as the roads are safe to ride on. This degree project explored various design opportunities around the everyday life of sample transportation riders.

Based on 12 days of qualitative research in Lesotho, the clear need for new sample transportation backpack and system was identified and became a focus of this degree project.

Inspiration and Method

For project such as this it was very critical to observe the users in their every day life to ensure key insights are identified and any behaviors around ‘What they say is not exactly what they do!’ are analyzed. To observe users in their most comfortable environment following methods were used;

• 12 Days in Lesotho
• 3 Days of ‘In-Context Immersion’ with Sample Transportation Riders, Healthcare nurses, Lab Technicians
• 23 Expert Interviews from Lesotho’s Director of Laboratory to Village Health Worker

Conclusion to the qualitative research was identification of a repeating theme that clearly needed a user centered solution and the theme was ‘Sample Transportation Method and Management’.


The final solution is a new sample transportation backpack that is designed specifically for the needs of Sample Transportation Riders and their context.

Compare to the old, the new backpack is designed for riders to adapt to different situations, types of samples, sizes and the number of samples. It also encourages positive behaviors by reducing number steps that are required to load and unload samples. The compartment layout allows the riders to carry essential objects such as water, snacks, tools and other equipment that were not possible in the old backpack. An ability to easily load and unload icepack to cool the samples as well as water and snacks makes the usage of icepack incentive rather than forced task.

Above all the most important benefit is the design allows the Riders to carry the samples in quality manner, the way they are know and have been trained to.