A Walking Aid for Daily Life Activities
A illustraiton of my process.An x-ray of my broken footThe different situations the users had a hard time moving in.The users had the worst problem with walking in stairs.Here is Jarret testing one of my mock-ups.When I tested different grips for the waklingaid.My ipifony, when I realized what I wanted to changeSome of the sketches from the form part of the project.A short desiscription on the endresult.This is how it looks when using the walking-aid.Instead of having to lift the crutch and try to balance when setting height or scale down you can just bend down a bit and change it standing.The shape of the walking-aid acts as a lever. It uses your weight to push you up. When going down the stairs it makes the descent more soft and balanced.When lying down the supporting pole works as a grip for the user to pick up.The ferrule (foot) is designed to hold the door open when walking throught and at the same time not get stuck under it.A close-up on the final resultWatch this on Vimeo!


The aim with the project was to create a walkingaid that focuses on the everyday life of the user. Every year 250 000 crutches are manufactured in Sweden, the bigger part of those are distributed at the hospitals. So to get the product out to the users it has to live up to the county councils requirements, being cheap, fitting everybody and having a neutral color.

Inspiration and Method

I came in to the project when I managed to fracture my foot in a climbing accident. Being rather fit and still experiencing problem both physically and psycologically, I wanted to find out more on how other types of people coped with their problems.

I followed users throughout their day and tried to see similarities and differences in how they handled themselfs. I identified alot of problems and defined wich ones were most important to solve. With this bakground I did alot of sketches and tests before the project was finished. In the end I made a model to sell the idea.


In the end I came up with this sculpturel piece. The walkingaid gives the user a possibility in moving around much more freely. The walkingaid helps you get up and down stairs, something that most people saw as a big obstacle with the former crutches. Other than stairs it has better stabillity and a better way of setting the height to fit the user, wich involves a oval extrusion and a mechanism that is easier to reach.