Childcare-enabled Wheelchair Concept
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There are 560 000 disabled people in Sweden right now over the age of 16, half of these are in use of some kind of mobility device. Physical disabilities are often about reduced motor skills with the loss of movement as a result. Living with a disability means that due to injury or a disease a person has difficulties to function without support or assistance in their daily lives. Everyone with disabilities is entitled to receive support and services in order to live an as independent and fulfilling live as possible. Today there is no alternative as a stroller for the disabled parents who are in use of a manually wheelchairs. This causes problems when the disabled person needs to move the child on their own for a longer distance. So, “How can a wheelchair user move a child at the age of 0-2, for longer distances with a focus on independency and safety for both adult and child?”

Inspiration and Method

During the project I have tried to work close with the users in terms to create a realistic concept as the result. I have also worked very physical in order to increase my understanding and to find problem areas at an early stage and for making sure that the final concept actually works and can be created in the future. This has including things like full scale cardboard models, creation of realistic babies in terms of size and weight for using and testing together with welded functional models, full scale sketches, designs and color analysis etc.

My inspiration for the project has mostly been the users and their desire and will to see the possibilities and change in this area. This in turn has given me the word and feeling of "obvious" and “of course” that I feel has been experience for me to deliver through this product.


The project has resulted in a stroller that easily can be connected on and off different types of wheelchairs due two simple one-time adjustments.
The user can easily move the stroller aside after driving by sliding down the rear wheels of the stroller. This also gives the possibilities for a walking person to use the stroller.
The seat of the stroller can be raised and lowered due a built-in gas spring inside the strollers main frame. This is to enable the user to easily run the stroller with a good view ahead and at the same time be able to get physical contact with the baby when needed.
The stroller can easily get up and down for small curbs whit help of the hinges in the middle of the stroller and the wheelchair. This break point maneuvers by the handle that in this case is used like a lever.