Increased awareness during hunting in the forest
User groups, hunters and people picking mushrooms in the same areas.Todays gear used by hunters and outdoors people.Moodboard showing context and wanted visual expression for my product.Sketches from my ideation.Further ideation and sketching.Constructing final model.Exploded view of the final concept.Interface in final concept.Web service to spread information to the public.Final model.Final model on user.Final product shown in context.


The aim for my project has been to explore how I could make hunting a safer hobby and undertaking. Every year people get seriously injured and in average 2 people a year dies due to hunting accidents. This effects both Swedens approx. 300.000 hunters and every person using the forrest for exercise, picking berries or hiking. My goal is to identify issues within the hunters communication to the public and between hunters.

Inspiration and Method

The main idea of developing a product for better communication for hunters came out of my own experiences from hunting and what troubles could occur during these periods of the year.
Todays hunters still use fairly blunted tools for communicating which can cause problems and excludes the public from knowing what happens in the forest during the year. The inspiration also came from people actually telling me they keep away from the forest during some hunting periods during the year.
The project has been done with a close cooperation with users. During the project I used a great deal of the general methods of the design process such as research, user surveys, user observations, interviews, function analysis, mock-ups, and user evaluations. All this to try to make a believable final product.


The result consists of two parts, one physical product that hunters use for planning their hunt and keeping in contact with the others during the hunt. The product also makes it possible to see via GPS were dogs and users of this product is at the moment.
The other part is a service which the other users of the forest can utilize to quickly see whats happening in the forest areas close to them. This service is a web based service which connects the hunters and public in a way that dosen´t demand extra work from the hunter. This service also enables the hunters to spread maps and information before meeting up in the forest.
This opens up a channel of communications that before wasn´t there.