Making it easier to reap the health benefits of plants.
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Many studies have shown that plants have a very positive effect on people’s health - not only physical, such as purifying the air, but also psychological ones that improves our well-being. But how can you reap these great health benefits of plants even if you lack the time, skills or interest? Plants, unlike pets, don’t give you any feedback which puts a lot of guesswork into plant care and - more importantly - doesn’t make you motivated to put any effort in it. The goal of this project was to make it easier and improving the experience of having plants at home - thereby reaping their health benefits.

Inspiration and Method

By giving the product ”life” it could enhance the experience of actually taking care of something that is alive and growing, despite the plant’s very still nature. The usage of sounds and movements aim to enhance the ”alive” quality of the product. The way that BMW’s Gina-concept uses flexible textiles was an inspiration to achieve this. The target group’s attitudes and habits concerning plants were critical for the direction of the project. From an early stage the focus of the product was to make a pot that engages the user to interact with the plant, eliminates the guess work and makes it work in the user’s context.


Fauna is a pot that makes the experience of having plants more enjoyable. It is a partially automatic system which lets you know exactly what the plant needs and when it needs it. By using specially designed sounds the plant is given a ”voice”. The pot also has a hidden mouth-like opening, in which water or nutrition is added, that is revealed only when needed. The plant itself is never watered by the user - only the water reservoir is to be filled. Fauna then waters the plants based on weight, light conditions and the plant setting made by the user. If going away for a long time, the user can simply touch the soil and the ”mouth” will open if necessary and enabling the user to fill the water reservoir.