Power Tool for Forest Clearing


Sveaskog Norrbotten spends over 50.000 liters/
season only on forest clearing.
The emissions from the combustion engine are
harmful both to the user and the environment.
The workload is heavy and the breaks are few.
Good planning and fast decisions are crucial.
Existing saws cause an uneven load which,
in combination with the high pace of work, is both harmful and inefficient.

Inspiration and Method

My focus has been to review the technical, ergonomic and planning aspects of the clearing work to design a cutting-tool that is both easy and efficient to work with.


The result is a back-mounted saw which moves the load from the side of the user to a more centered
Battery operation and the electric motor shortens the number of recharges which allows for more flexible working patterns.
In order to facilitate the planning and ensure that work is done according to the contract, the saw collects and distributes information between the worker and the employer, and visualizes it for the user in a simple interface.