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There is a story behind every action, and by nature I am interested in that particular story. Why do adults avoid talking about sex to their children? Sex is still a topic that is considered as a social taboo, which mean that people find it uncomfortable to talk about. Norwegians in their adolescence express frustration towards the existing sexual education. It is inconsistent, and the quality of the education is depending on the school and teacher if they are comfortable teaching sex or not. Adolescents are curious about sex, they want to learn more, and they want higher quality information.

Inspiration and Method

Service design is the design of intangible experiences that reach people through many different touch-points, and that happen over time. This is a service design project to improve sexual information for adolescents in Norway. There are possibilities for the service to be adapted to other countries in the future. The inspiration for developing the service is teenagers, and to get in touch with them I have approached the research with design ethnography. A method that is crucial to gather contextual and sensitive information about the user. Talking to teenagers is highly sensitive considering that teenagers are under age, and sex is a topic that many find uncomfortable to talk about. The ethnography tools that have been used is cultural probes, participatory observation, several expert interviews and interviews with teenagers. If you want to know a little more about what norwegian teenagers think about love, sex and education follow the link to watch a short movie.


Talkinsex is a service for norwegian teenagers to learn about sex together with friends, or to find information individually. By connecting existing health services and making high quality information about sex available, talkinsex give the teenagers what they need to be in charge of their own sexual health. The high quality information is communicated with a playful and sexy visual and verbal language. The content is of the service is a tangible card-game about sex, a mobile website with digital games and high quality information, and sex phone-booths around the city where teenagers can call a doctor for free or listen to sexy stories with their friends. Talkinsex connects five different service providers, and teenagers can get directly in touch with them through the website.

I vision to that teenagers will use the Talkinsex service as main source of information related to sexual health. If they have any questions or ned information about sex, Talkinsex is where they go to figure it out.Check out the website prototype your self here! Or you can follow this link to watch a short introduction movie to the service :)