I was Here
Focus on the over lapping area among these three aspects.Interview users and ask them to share some stories about the past of NorsjöA brainstorming for generating ideasAsk people to document one day for sharing whit the future, in order to learn people's behavior and ideas about time capsuleThis is an illustration of how people access this storytelling service from three different touch points, which are internet, device and place. In this project. I mainly focused on the device part.Using RFID reader, Arduino Nano and Potentiometer to create a prototypeWeb platform, radio and map.The radio is placed on the map and plays stories which is recorded in this locationThe interface of playing stories from website Another platform for users to buy the device and organize the stories they recorded.Watch this on Vimeo!


“We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror.” Marshall McLuhan

Nowadays, most aspects of our daily lives have been changed by digital technology. Digital content as a new medium has been used widely as memorial to bring back memories of a person, an event or old times. Since all the data probably will exist longer than our lifetime, how should we deal with them and treat them as a heritage? In this project, I am exploring the possibilities of an innovative service that would engage people to preserve memories in the digital age by sharing their stories with future generations. I aim at result that not only allows people to collect stories, but also brings new perspective on how people view their present lives in the community. Moreover, I hope this design will not be limited to Norsjö municipality, but could also bring an extra value to other small communities with similar needs.

Inspiration and Method

My inspiration comes from creating a time capsule experience, which is sending a cache of goods or information to the future. In the research phase, based on interviews and observation, I was able to detect design challenges, collect stories and establish relationships between them and communities. Cultural probe is another method for understanding target users in this project. In the developing phase, prototyping is a good way for efficiently dealing with things that are hard to predict. I created several prototypes to discuss and test various possibilities with real users. Mood boards and brainstorming were used for generating ideas and discussing GUI styles and object forms. In order to understand the service flow and to communicate with the audience in a clear way, a service blueprint and storytelling were used to evaluate and depict the concept at the end.


I WAS HERE, is a service that encourages families to share their stories. The main platform is a physical radio and maps. Users can explore their town (Norsjö) by moving the radio on the map, thus making it play stories about the location or the ambient sound around it. Besides, there are several tokens working as categories for users to choose story topics. By pressing the token inserting in the slot on top of the radio, users can record their own stories. Rotating the knob on the side of the radio, it provides another feature: browsing stories from a timeline. All of these physical objects are designed as a family treasure which can be passed down from generation to generation. The other platform, the website, not only provides another channel to play stories, but also the chance to share and edit collected stories. Users also can buy the radio and map from the website to start the journey of this service.