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Many people dream of making a change to our society. But most of the time, they are struggling to turn their dream into reality. Passion alone won't bring change. There are many difficulties that people have to face when it comes to creating innovation, especially social innovation.

Within this project, my goal is to create a community for social innovation in Thailand focused on integrating design (as a process) into the core culture of its community. I want people to understand better the importance of design, and adopt it as a tool for their creation, as I believe it will help them to succeed in whatever they do, in a more sustainable manner.

Together with my collaborator ChangeFusion, a social business incubator, we have created The sync, a social enterprise with a mission to build a creative community that foster social innovation in Thailand.

Inspiration and Method

The environment in our school (Umeå Institute of Design) has influenced me the most. Since I first arrived, I've been learning many new things: I’ve learned to think creatively and critically, I’ve learned to understand rather than to judge, I’ve learned to collaborate, and most importantly, I’ve learned that what I do is more important than what I say. And I've wanted to replicate this environment in the context of Thailand.

In this project I focused on developing a service ecosystem that considers the holistic experience of people going through innovation creation process. The concept was developed based on the insights I've gained through interviews and co-creation workshops with the potential users while I was back in Thailand.


The sync is a service that aims to build a community that foster a culture of collaborative innovation, as well as to raise awareness about social innovation in Thailand. We help connecting people who share the same dream through three main service touchpoints: online platform, events, and physical space.

The online platform provides a channel for people to share and discuss their ideas and to find collaboration partners. Events at The sync will take user engagement to the next level. We catalyse innovation by facilitating face-to-face events as well as providing tools and knowledge. The co-working space focuses on supporting the emerging social enterprises in many aspects.

We are now up and running, and focusing on implementing the initial stage which is to build a foundation for the community. If, by any chance, you are in Bangkok, drop in for a coffee. Or you can visit our website at: