The Virtual Donation Challenge
User test together with a young girl and her mother using a Low- fi prototype of the final conceptUser test together with a young girl and her mother using a Low- fi prototype of the final conceptOn a workshop with a Donor Coordinating Doctor, I tried to find out how the healthcares’ perspective on organ donation looks like.A flow that explains how the healthcare identifies potential organ donors.The final design of the game app which is called The Virtual Donation ChallengeI came up with the final idea of creating a quiz about organ donation questions placed at local gps coordinates by using a metaphor between all interdisciplinary processes that happens between our organs and the complex and interdisciplinary processes that are going on in our society.


Fifty percent of the Swedish population is not aware of their relatives’ wishes on organ donation. It happens that some family members use their veto when they are asked to confirm their dead family member's wish on organ donation and thereby preventing a potential transplant. If more people would be aware of this issue and tell each other what their standpoint is, we could help the healthcare to identify more organ donors and thus help more people to a better life. The project lead to an educational and physical exercise based application for tablets aimed for sixteen years old pupils where they by walking around in the physical space, learn about the organs and get physical exercise at the same time. The app is meant for schools since the school has the responsible to educate the pupils about different types of physical exercise and lifestyle. Moreover, tablets are becoming increasingly common in the schools.

Inspiration and Method

I was influenced by an application called Zombies Run that focuses on creating a story by collecting virtual supplies while being running outside. Some statements from the research influenced me. A lady stated that she used to take her daughter out to walk the dog as much as possible because her daughter was at risk of becoming overweight. A Donor Coordinating Doctor stated a thoughtful sentence during a workshop “Would you be willing to receive an organ if you needed a transplant? Donate your organs after death so it is possible”


The Virtual Donation Challenge is an application aimed at sixteen year old pupils for educational purposes. The school is responsible for giving the students education about lifestyles, different types of exercises and CPR education, I found it most appropriate to link the application to the Physical Education subject or even Natural Science subject. The application is a quiz and the questions are linked to local GPS coordinates which the users have to visit in order to answer the questions about organ donation and how the interdisciplinary processes in the body work.