Volkswagen Trimaran Concept
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The research found there is a high possibility a car company will introduce an autonomous vehicle to the global market around the year 2025. Three major factors will impact the design of the car in the future. First, branding. As this project is sponsored by Volkswagen, the company’s core values and brand identity are the most important factors that will influence the future design of the Volkswagen in the year 2025. Secondly, future customer behavior. The project focuses on Generation Z because they will be the new generation who start purchasing new cars in 2025. Thus, studying and understanding user lifestyle includes new youth culture and the behavior of using automatic driving mode. If driving behavior changes, how will this affect the car’s interior design and how will the new interior design change the car’s appearance? Finally, technology is not the only influence on the automotive industry but also the infrastructure technology will change the city context.

According to the research, there is a high possibility that a car company will introduce an autonomous vehicle to the market around the year 2025. The big challenge of the project is how to design an autonomous vehicle that people can learn to use easily. Also, how to convince people to feel safe and confident while in the car because most people will still be familiar with the current type of vehicle. This project has investigated how autonomous vehicles will affect car design and also found a new design opportunity for a new generation vehicle.

Inspiration and Method

If the driving behaviors change, that will certainly effect a car's interior design. This project investigated how this new interior design can change the overall appearance of a car. An “inside-out” approach was used to study the user behaviour and map activities inside the “autonomous vehicle”. This study then affected the design of the interior and exterior respectively. Discussions, intensive sketching and virtual 3D simulations were the main tools used during the process.


Volkswagen Trimaran concept designed for 2025. Trimaran’s interior can be changed into two modes: isolation and participation modes by using three specially designed elements: the cocoon, circular partitions and the geometry of the floor. This concept takes car sharing into consideration since it allows the occupants to have their own space,making the car owner feel comfortable to let other guests in.

The isolation mode is designed for high privacy so that each passenger has their own space by sliding the seat backwards or forwards around the cockpit space. This mode considers carpooling, for example. The participation mode allows that all passengers sit side by side in the centre of the cockpit.

The Trimaran body represents individualism and privacy. The side surface wraps and divides the center surface into three parts. Due to its centered driving position, door cut lines run into the roof to widen the opening and improve ingress and egress.