Recorded video feeds from the UID'12 Design Talks.

Use the players below to watch the various video streams.
Each session is stored as a separate stream, five in total.

Monday June 4th

Opening words from Anna Valtonen and keynote speech
by Simon Waterfall



Design Talks (Part 1)

Project Genetica
by Jennifer Elisabeth Sarich-Harvey (IxD)

Climbing for Arm Amputees by Öyvind Norheim (BA)

Future of Forestry by Nicholas Ross (APD)

Enabling faster and more adequate emergency response for motor cyclists in traffic accidents by John Vikström (BA)

Volkswagen Trimaran by Kosin Voravattayagon (TD)

Making it easier to reap the health benefits of plants by Rasmus Tretow (BA)

Flying with infants by Malin Grummas (APD)

The Sensible Cook - Multi-sensory Food Design by Nirvana Soltani (IxD)

The SYNC by Soramist Chintanamanus (IxD)


Design Talks (Part 2)

Childcare-enabled Wheelchair Concept by Cindy Sjöblom (BA)

Paving the Megacity by Gosha Galitsky (APD)

Riders for Health by John Lee (Ju Seok) (APD)

Accessibility for Illiterates in the Current Brazilian Society by Camilla Carneiro (IxD)

Increased awareness during hunting in the forest by Gustaf Mood (BA)

Volvo Trucks: A Trucker´s Pride by Travis (TJ) Vaninetti (TD)

A Walking Aid for Daily Life Activities by Carl Östlund (BA)

Surface lift adapted for today’s user by Hanna Olausson (BA)

Sustainable Shared Living by Meng Meng (IxD)

Talkinsex - Adolescence and Sexual Education by Ine Marie Vassøy (IxD)


Tuesday June 5th

Opening words from Anna Valtonen and keynote speech
by Anna Costamagna



Design talks (Part 3)

Volvo Hauling Modularity Concept by Ayca Kinik Altuner (APD)

An intuitive & accessible escape hood for an underground mine by Fredrik Aaro (BA)

Power Tool for Forest Clearing by Viktor Rosendahl (BA)

Construction Demolition Waste Management in Mega Cities by Omer Haciomeroglu (APD)

Amplify: Finding oppertunities in obsolete electronics by Ngatye-Brian Oko (IxD)

Asthma Action Kit by Naci Cenk Aytekin (APD)

Audi Recreation by Eric Leong (TD)

Sustainable Cooking by Mansour Ourasanah (APD)

The Virtual Donation Challange by Erik Rydell (IxD)

Nonvisual Society by Johan Grönskog (BA)

I was Here by Yangchen Zhang (IxD)