About UID

Umeå Institute of Design is located in Northern Sweden, and is ranked as one of the top industrial design educations in the world. UID offers highly competitive, professional and international industrial design educational programmes supported by exceptional research, technical facilities and resources. Rector Anna Valtonen was born in Helsinki, Finland and has a long history in the industry. Valtonen is committed to development and renewal of the design education and research at Umeå Institute of Design.

Each year, more than three hundred applicants from over forty countries send in their portfolios, and between 45 and 50 students are accepted. Currently 30 different nationalities are represented. Nearly all projects are carried out in collaboration with external partners and the school successfully cooperates with both the local community and international companies such as Volvo, Toyota and Sony Ericsson. More than 90% of the graduated students obtain employment as industrial designers.

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