Project Responsible:
Monica Lindh Karlsson
, Programme Director for the Industrial Design Programme

External Tutor: 
Pär Hayden
, design consultant at Semcon

External Exam Advisor:
Mattias Widerstedt
, design manager at Knightec

BA Industrial Design

At the BA programme in Industrial Design we educate students so they achieve an attractive, useful and sustainable competence in their future design profession.

The holistic idea in the three years' education is to have a genuine and strong hard-core competence in industrial design, but also to obtain primary tools to develop innovative concepts for the future. Therefore we build strong connections with professional design companies around the world, and prominent industrial designers are used as tutors and advisers.

We also bring applied research about innovation processes directly into term projects, courses, degree work, and examination criteria. The last years we have built up a structure in the education for a contemporary approach and dynamic cross-disciplinary teamwork founded in top-notch research in collaboration with professional innovative teams.

At the degree exhibition students exhibit complex project origin from contemporary situations that concern many people on a deeper level, and solutions that create expectations, experience and confidence in people.

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