Project Responsible:
Thomas Degn
, Programme Director for Advanced Product Design

External Tutor:
Emmy Larsson
, Industrial Designer at Ergonomidesign

External Exam Advisor:
Mikal Hallstrup
, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-founding Partner at Designit

MA Advanced Product Design

The MA programme in Advanced Product Design is a solution-driven education, focusing on the advanced treatment of design using insights obtained through people-centred studies, problem identification and analysis. Above all, it uses emphasis on innovation and new thinking, in order to find the best possible solution for a defined problem or identified design opportunity.

This year's degree projects cover as diverse themes as solar powered airships, improved diving equipment for the disabled, a forwarder with lower environmental impact and higher productivity, a concept for making 3D-printing more accessible in the home, a solution for sugar cane harvesting in hillside plantations, a motorboat inspired by Stockholm archipelagos, semi-autonomous rock-drilling vehicles, and a solution that enables play for children undergoing intravenous therapy. This wide span of new ideas and designs to improve and enrich our daily life is an indicator of the design opportunities just waiting to be identified and addressed by the professional industrial designer.

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