Project Responsibles:
Demian Horst
, Programme Director for Transportation Design
Kristin Fottner
, Programme Assistant

External Tutor:
Joel Alexandersson
, design consultant at Volvo Cars

External Exam Advisor:
Luciano Bove
, design manager at Renault Cars

MA Transportation Design

Our Transportation Design Programme is unique for its scope of interest, encompassing the complete transportation design field in collaboration with the industry. The curriculum is based on the Scandinavian design tradition in which the needs of the person are always in the centre. Focus is on creativity and realistic solutions. The final degree project allows the students to fully experience the design process by connecting to the transport design industry. This connection gives them valuable experience in becoming professional vehicle designers.

This year our students developed innovative concepts dealing with experimental luxury motoring, driving efficiency and sustainability, joyful mobility for all, and improved traffic safety. All projects display a critical approach to the transportation sector and represent the students' visions of how vehicles should be in the near future.

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